Renovisions Carpet Installation

Renovision® reduces the cost of carpet replacement by as much as 50%,with no need for temporary relocations or significant periods of downtime.

By Lifting furnishing, workstations, equipment and even shelves, either broadloom carpet or existing modular carpet can be replaced quickly and efficiently with new modular carpet.

There is no need to disconnect electrical and communications cablings, dismantle and remove workstations, decant shelving units and find somewhere to store it all.

We can be scheduled around your business hours at night or over weekend periods, maintaining productivity throughout the entire process.

With one central point of contact, your business also benefits from fully coordinated project management minimizing hassle.

This proven system with patented Renovisions® jack system and Renovisions® skates, has effectively replaced thousands of flooring with Interface accredited installers professionally trained in a wide range of furniture system and installation techniques.

Renovisions carpet replacement benefits:
- Less Downtime
- Less Cost
- Less hassle