Climate Take Back

We're no longer on a path to zero.
We live zero every day.

So, what’s next? Climate Take Back is anything but business as usual. It’s our total commitment to running our business in a way that creates a climate fit for life.

Our mission is to overcome the biggest challenge facing humanity and reverse global warming. It’s no longer enough to limit the damage we do, but to think about reversing it. We want to restore our planet and leave a positive impact.

Our Climate Take Back plan

We believe it’s possible to reverse global warming. Scientific research has already demonstrated how to reach safe climate limits sooner; through radical decarbonization. We need to remove carbon from our atmosphere and protect natural carbon sinks. Then, encourage others to act.

Influenced by this thinking, are the four areas of our Climate Take Back strategy; Live Zero, Love Carbon, Let Nature Cool and Lead the Industrial Re-Revolution. These are the foundation of our mission and form our business plan that will take Climate Take Back from vision to reality.

A greener vision

In 1994, our founder, Ray Anderson declared that Interface was committed to becoming the world’s first environmentally sustainable and restorative company.

This ambition was one never-before heard, but it set us on the road to becoming the purpose-driven business we are today. To live zero every day and reduce the impacts of our business and our operations on the planet. We’re living proof that a little change - and setting moonshot goals - can be a force for good.

The path to negative

Ray's vision has inspired product and practice innovation at Interface for two decades.

Experimenting with renewable and recyclable materials, we’ve been leading the way to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and succeeding. Now, every flooring product we offer, whether carpet, LVT or rubber, is 100% carbon neutral. A positive stride towards Climate Take Back. Another exciting step in that direction is the creation of our CircuitBac Green backing, which effectively stores more carbon in its life cycle than it emits..

Discover more about our carbon neutral product portfolio below.

Sharing is power

The fourth part of our Climate Take Back plan involves influencing, collaborating and learning from other leaders. We’re sharing plans and reports from others to further inspire positive change.

Discover the power you have to change our climate.

Seeing is believing

The conversation on carbon is changing. Organizations and leaders are waking up to the fact that carbon can be a positive. Watch to understand how to rethink carbon. See how we’re changing minds on carbon and what that means for our company and our products.

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