nora Rubber Flooring Benefits


What is Rubber Flooring?

nora® rubber floorings are made of high-quality natural and industrial rubbers. They are combined with minerals from natural sources and environmentally compatible colour pigments. This together helps to create durable rubber floors.

There are two types of floor coverings:
norament® tiles - Pressed under high pressure, these tiles present a very dense, closed surface. This
makes them extremely resistant to wear and supports fast and easy cleaning.
noraplan® sheets - noraplan floor coverings are available in rolls or tiles. With many designs and
colours to choose from, there is a lot of design potential.

The benefits of nora rubber flooring

They’re carbon neutral
nora flooring is carbon neutral across its full product life cycle.

It's economical
nora flooring has a long-life span, even in busy footfall areas. The cost-effective cleaning methods ensure reduced maintenance costs.

It’s durable
nora is extremely durable as it is manufactured for heavy loads. The elasticity and dimensional stability allows the floors to withstand impact without damage. It is also scratch and wear resistant.

It’s uncoated
norament and noraplan floors remain durable in the long term without the need for coatings, even when subject to heavy traffic.

It’s hygienic
Due to their dense, non-porous rubber surface, nora floors repel germs, giving them little to no opportunity to propagate. They can be fully disinfected, ideal for high risk areas too.

It's versatile
Replacing or repairing the flooring is straightforward. It can be updated in sections for easy and low-cost maintenance.

It can improve wellbeing
The floors are low-pollutant, which contributes to healthier indoor air. They contain no PVC or phthalates. It is soft underfoot for shock absorption.

It offers superior acoustics
nora helps to reduce the noise levels significantly. The flooring absorbs sound, which helps support health and wellness in built environments.

An environmentally friendly option

Carbon neutral, always
nora floor coverings are CO2 neutral throughout the entire product life cycle. We are continuously working on further reducing CO2 emissions within the value chain through various measures. Remaining CO2 emissions are offset by the acquisition of certificates relating to audited emission reduction projects.

Leading in sustainability
nora is one of the leading companies in its sector when it comes to the environment and sustainability. It is among the initiators of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The technical benefits

It is slip resistant
norament and noraplan standard coverings have been tested and have a R9 non-slip rating.
nora also offers floor coverings up to R11 ratings.

Low toxicity emissions
nora floors are demonstrably fire-toxicologically safe according to DIN 53 436, and meet the requirements of the strict regulations. In addition, nora floor coverings are highly flame retardant according to European standard EN 13 501. The fire behaviour of nora floor coverings is regularly checked.

Simple installation
nora has a seamless installation with an integrated, unbroken appearance. It is hygienic and easy to clean thanks to joint free flooring installation.

Our nora products

Our nora rubber suits a variety of design challenges in several different segments. Discover the segments we serve.

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Your 5-year warranty

Our nora rubber flooring comes with a 5-year warranty, so your floor will look as good years from now, as it does on day one.